Territories Management

Almost all companies have geographic territories in the field that constantly need to be defined, balanced and analyzed. Well-balanced optimized territories improve profitability by reducing costs in many company departments – sales, service, distribution, franchise, reseller and marketing. In addition to in-house company territory management, objective predefined areas such as counties, municipal, statistical and zip-code areas also need to be included in territory design 

Points Location Intelligence
 has the ability, hands-on experience and visualization tools to efficiently balance and optimize territories based on company and external data sources, in order to provide answers to the following, since they contain vital demographic and socio-economic variables crucial to successful territory management. Corporate executives need to efficiently plan, balance and manage territories based on customer dispersion, market trends, sales personnel, drive time, volume loads and demographic profiles. Collaborating these parameters can be time-consuming, labor intensive and tedious.

  • Which service territories receive the most complaints?
  • Where will the territory border run in a territory that needs to be split?
  • Where are the territories that misrepresent customer catchment areas?
  • Which sales territories are underperforming as a result of natural barriers (highways, mountains, river etc.)?
  • How many competitors are in each territory?
  • What is my market in each reseller territory?
  • Do rural or urban territories behave homogenously nationwide?

In order to answer these questions, plan, define and manage the various territories, Points Location Intelligence provides a combination of your already-defined company territories with external territorial data to improve your territory management decisions. Experience shows that the right territory shifts, however minor, may significantly increase profitability and efficiency.

We make use of various technologies, models and methods to present and visualize intelligent data that is crucial to your decision-making process. To make confident, timely and cost-effective decisions, you need to visualize your territory management data with external objective territorial data, gravitation models, customer dispersion analyses and forecasted demographic changes. Points presents you with the location intelligence you require for all your territory management needs.

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