Distribution Networks & Logistics

Successfully planning, optimizing and implementing distribution logistics directly affects company profitability. Corporate executives are faced with a multitude of parameters that need to be taken into account while ultimately keeping transport costs to a minimum without compromising on customer service – drive time, load capacity, seasonal changes, delivery schedules etc. Many of the complex and expensive optimization software packages do not address company specific needs, and many companies experience a low return-on-investment in integrating multi-year optimization software.

Points has the ability and hands-on experience to rapidly analyze, plan and implement intelligent optimization solutions that provide answers to the following:

  • Which service areas are less profitable due to demographic changes?
  • Where are the problematic routes in relation to warehouse location?
  • Is there any correlation between an area’s demographic profile and customer service complaints?
  • Which areas will require new distribution warehouses due to overloading?
  • Which areas and routes will be affected by a network location shift?
  • Where are the pre-sale and van-sale territories that are most profitable?
  • Which distribution areas are negatively affected by dynamic changes and backlash?
  • Are individual distribution routes correctly optimized to minimize expenses by conforming to distance vs. time optimization?

In order to answer these questions to optimize your distribution network out in the field, Points provides intelligent company specific optimization scenarios to manage and reduce logistic expenses.

We make use of various technologies, models and methods to present and visualize intelligent data that is crucial to your decision-making process. To make confident, timely and cost-effective decisions, you need to visualize your distribution network and logistic operation with gravitation models, site risk scores (SRS), route analyses, drive-time data and customer dispersion models. Points Location Intelligence presents you with the location intelligence you require for all your distribution, logistic and route plan decisions.

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