Marketing & Sales

A major contributor to any company’s profitability is the delicate coordination between marketing and sales. Marketing and sales management is complex and demand cosntinuous assessment.  Sales data is dynamic and corporate managers require real-time intelligent information to plan campaigns, identify trends, promptly respond to changes and an Intelligent marketing, customer and competition data analyses are required to answer the following marketing and sales questions:alyze competition. Since sales are determined by customer behavior at various levels and in different locations, it is imperative to provide decision-makers with clear intelligent visuals of field performance.

Points Location Intelligence has the ability, hands-on experience and tools to provide crucial intelligence in planning pin-point marketing campaigns, managing sales territories, analyzing trends and competition, and managing field personnel and lines.

  • Which areas are not maximizing sales potential?
  • Where should a marketing campaign for a specific product should be launched?
  • What is the average income per customer in each sector/area?
  • Which areas have increased drops in patronage?
  • How does customer branch proximity affect sales?
  • Where are the most profitable products selling?
  • Which demographic areas and sectors responded to particular marketing campaign?
  • Where are competitors affecting sales?

In order to answer the above questions and forecast, manage and analyze your marketing and sales activities, Points Location Intelligence formulates the intelligent data infrastructure within your company to provide key information for strategic and tactically efficient marketing and sales activities.

The mash-up of various analytical models together with your company data, specific requirements and spatial tools, provides visual intelligent information crucial to your decision-making process. To make confident, timely and cost-effective decisions, identify and correctly respond to sales trends, you require solid data visuals of your performance. Points Location Intelligence presents you with all the location intelligence you require for forecasting, planning, managing and analyzing your marketing and sales data. 

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