Site Location

Successfully determining an optimum site location for a new facility is a key decision that corporate executives face. Decisions of this kind are complex because they involve reference to numerous kinds of data representing different variables and often gathered from different sources. 

Points Location Intelligence has the ability and hands-on experience to assist in integrating these disparate types of data to make confident site location decisions.

  •  Which areas require a new branch to maximize potential?
  •  What are the implications of closing a specific branch?
  •  Why are certain branches under-performing?
  •  Where are the saturated and cannibalistic areas?
  •  What are the demographic/sector characteristics in each area?
  •  Which demographic and customer profiles provides the  quickest ROI?

In order to answer these questions and optimize your facility network  in the field, Points Location Intelligence guides you in extracting the relevant data from your own data silos, adds geographic data and mashes-up the two to provide a quality location intelligent source for all your decisions.

We make use of various technologies, models and methods to present and visualize intelligent data that is crucial to your decision-making process. To make confident, timely and cost-effective decisions, you need to be analyzing alphanumeric data and geographic data with gravitation models, site risk scores (SRS), clustering techniques, statistical forecasts models etc. Points Location Intelligence presents you with all the location intelligence you require for all your site location decisions. 

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