How does it work?

Points Location Intelligence specializes in consulting and providing critical decision-making data by conjointly mashing-up your business data along with data from external sources.

We know how to extract intelligent data from all your corporate sources: ERP, DWH, BI and CRM systems and integrate it with various external data, GIS tools and Spatial Analysis expertise to provide with the location intelligence you require to make smart decisions that increase your profitability, efficiency and field resource operations.

Each project undergoes the following stages:

A – Define the problem, goal or research analysis 

-Design a working model based on intelligent integrated data 

– Conjointly work with executive and field teams 

– Assess and analyze feedback

– Provide maintenance tools and supportive services

The result is an intelligent and reliable platform to mine, refine and implement vital core intelligence for solving location based problems such as:

  • Customer profiling
  • Market potential analysis
  • Logistic network assessment
  • Catchment area development
  • Logistic network assessment
  • Change forecasting

We make use of various technologies, models and methods to present and visualize intelligent data that is crucial to your decision-making process. To make confident, timely and cost-effective decisions, you need to visualize your business data with external objective territorial data, gravitation models, customer dispersion analyses and forecasted demographic changes. Points Location Intelligence presents you with the location intelligence you require for all your location management needs. 

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